The American Contract Bridge League

The American Contract Bridge League is the sanctioning body for duplicate bridge in North America.  If you are a member of the ACBL and play in a sanctioned game at a club or a tournament, you have an opportunity to win masterpoints. 

Masterpoints are awarded to the top 40% of the participants in an event.  The number of points awarded depends on the rating of the event and the number of tables in play.  Tournaments have higher ratings than club games and large games award more points than small games. 

Masterpoints are also pigmented.  Points won at club games are usually black (B), but may be silver (S), red (R) or gold (G) depending on the event.  Points won at tournaments may be black, silver, red, gold or platinum (P), depending on the level of the tournament and the event.

By earning masterpoints you can achieve various rankings.  The more points you earn the higher your ranking.  As of 2017 the rankings and the required masterpoints are

Ranking                                                                Required Masterpoints

Rookie                                                                               >0, <5

Junior Master                                                                         5

Club Master                                                                     20 (5 B)

Sectional Master                                                          50 (10 B, 5 S)

Regional Master                                                 100 (15 B, 15 S, 5 R/G/P)

NABC Master                                             200 (20 B, 25 S, 15 R/G/P, 5 G/P)

Advanced NABC Master                           300 (50 B, 50 S, 25 R/G/P, 25 G/P)

Life Master                                                 500 (75 B, 75 S, 50 R/G/P, 25 G/P)

Bronze Life Master                                                      LM with 750

Silver Life Master                                                   1000 (200 S/R/G/P)

Ruby Life Master                                                    1500 (300 S/R/G/P)

Gold Life Master                                                    2500 (500 S/R/G/P)

Sapphire Life Master                                      3500 (350 S/R/G/P, 350 G/P)

Diamond Life Master                                      5000 (500 S/R/G/P, 500 G/P)

Emerald Life Master                                      7500 (1500 S/R/G/P, 750 G/P)

Platinum Life Master                              10,000 (2000 S/R/G/P, 900 G/P, 100P)

Grand Life Master                                  10,000 (1000 S/R/G/P, 900 G/P, 100P)*

*The Grand Life Master level has some additional requirements.

For many duplicate players the “holy grail” of bridge is to become a life master (LM).  If you were an ACBL member at the end of 2009, you are grandfathered under the 2009 requirements. The annual membership fee is only $26 for first-year members and $35 thereafter.  Family memberships are also available.

Even if you do not think you are interested in pursuing an LM ranking, a membership in the ACBL is a bargain for the 80-page, 8 ½ x 11 glossy monthly magazine you will receive.  It is full of articles to improve your bridge, letters to the editor, tournament schedules and results, obituaries, minimal advertising (all bridge related) and a few other miscellaneous articles.  You will also receive a bimonthly newspaper type newsletter from District 16 which includes most of Texas and all of Mexico.

If you wish to become a member it is recommended that you join online.  There website link is given on the LINKS page.  If you do join, please enter 226415 for the “Recruiting Club Number” and O200109 for the “Recruiting Player Number” on your application form.

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