Registration Procedure

A minimum of six paying students is usually required to support a course.  If fewer than six paying students register for a course, the course may be canceled at the discretion of the instructor.  To allow for late registrations, a course will not be canceled for lack of interest until the day before the class is to start.  All courses, dates, times and fees are subject to change without notice.

Note 1: I do not deposit any checks until all classes which start within about a week of each other have begun, so you may have to wait an extra month or so (depending on when you write your check and the last class starts) for your check to clear your financial institution.

Note 2: I prepare personalized material for all students before the first session of each class so please contact me before the first session if you plan to attend a class.

Advance Registration

I have implemented a simple two-step advance registration process for ALL students for ALL courses.


Step 1 – Notify me by postal mail, email, phone (see contact information on the HOME page) or in person during the advance registration period for any course you wish to take.  See the AT-A-GLANCE FOR 2024|2025/Key Dates section on the SCHEDULES page for the dates of the advance registration periods for the various classes.  Include the following information:

  1. First and last name (As you would like it on your name tag.)
  2. The numbers of the courses you wish to take (100B, 101A, etc.)
  3. Sharing authorization1,2
  4. Mailing address2,3
  5. Email address2
  6. Land line phone2
  7. Work phone2
  8. Cell phone2

1I sometimes get a request from a student for another student’s contact information.  Please let me know if you are willing to share your contact information with other students if requested.

2These items may be omitted if you are absolutely sure I have your current information on file.

3I can usually pick this up from a return address or check.

If appropriate, I will reply to let you know I received the information.

I previously used cell phones only for emergencies but so many people have dropped their land lines that cell phones have become the standard phone service.  Be sure to let me know if a number you provide is a cell phone so that I will know if I can send you text messages.

Step 2 – Send or hand deliver to me a check (payable to Dave Glandorf), money order or cash (please do not mail cash) in the total amount of all the tuition and materials fees for the courses you wish to take.  I also have Venmo (@David-Glandorf-1) and PayPal (use my email address or cell phone number) accounts which you can use if you also have a comparable service.  Make sure you mail or deliver your payment in a timely manner so that I receive it by the end of the advance registration period.

You may skip this step if no fees are due.  If appropriate, be sure to deduct the $25 discount for advance registration.  (All listed fees are without the $25 deduction.)

If appropriate, I will notify you by email or phone when I receive your payment and hold it until the start of the class or shortly thereafter.  If you wish to cancel your registration before the end of the advance registration period, notify me by phone or email and I will return your payment or possibly shred your check if that is acceptable.  If you decide to cancel your registration after the end of the advance enrollment period but before the start of the class, I will return your payment less the cancellation fee(s) for the course(s).  (Yes, you may take more than one course at a time, especially if you are repeating a course.)  All appropriate advance registration fees will be returned to the sender if a course is canceled due to lack of interest.

Special note to new students in Bridge 100B:  If you are not sure if you really want to get into this game, go ahead and register (preferably in advance) and come to the first class session.  If you then decide not to continue, I will return your full registration fees.

Late Registration

Students who do not register in advance may register later, usually up until the start of the second class session.  Registration after the second class session will be considered on an individual basis.  New students in Bridge 100B will not normally be permitted to register after the first class session unless they have some previous experience.

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