Meet the Teachers

David (Dave) Glandorf

2013 American Bridge Teachers' Association (ABTA) - Master Point Press Teacher of the Year
2016 American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) District 16
Teacher of the Year
ABTA Master Teacher
ACBL Accredited Teacher/Certified Director
Ruby Life Master

I usually teach all the major standard courses (100B, 101A/B, 110 130, 140, 200 and 221).  My colleague George Wieland sometimes teaches the practice courses (100PA and 100PB).  There is always the possibility that unforeseen circumstances will require occasional substitutions.  I currently have a team of Dave Bradt, Bob Dowlen, Charles Hilding and Jim Ochsner available to assist me if needed. Dave Bradt frequently covers the Sunday Bridge Lab when I am not available. 

Bob Dowlen and George Wieland are accredited ACBL teachers.

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Special Notices

There will be a Bridge Lab session on Sunday, February 11.  The session is over at 5 pm so you should be able to get home in time for the start of the Super Bowl at 5:30 if you live reasonably close to the club.

VERY IMPORTANT: Today (11-28-23) I discovered I have had an error in the Contact Me form on my Home page ever since I set up the website.  This means that anyone who has previously tried to contact me via that form has been unsuccessful.  I never got your message or any other information on that form. 

I truly apologize for this oversight on my part and kindly request that you resend the information.

Ongoing Classes

  Sunday 2 - 5   Bridge 100BL - Bridge Lab
  Monday 4 - 7   Bridge 101A - Bidding I
  Tuesday 2 - 5   Bridge 100BL - Bridge Lab
  Wednesday 2 - 5   Bridge 100B - Beginner Bridge
  Thursday 9- 12   Bridge 101B - Bidding II
  Friday 2 - 5   Bridge 221c - Card Play, Part c


Additional Contact Infomation

Dave Glandorf
15530 Saint Cloud Dr
Houston TX 77062-3523

Cell Phone: 713-628-0030

Email: [email protected]

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